Abdominoplasty – That Which You Need To Understand

Abdominoplasty-9Individuals nowadays are getting more and more body-aware. Consequently, the need for cosmetic surgery has grown manifold. Abdominoplasty, popularly known as tummy tuck, is a cosmetic medical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from a patient’s abdominal cavity. In addition, it restores muscles that are loosened, offering you firmer appear and a leaner.

You might not understand that even people who have an otherwise normal weight may grow a sagging and free abdominal cavity. A few of the common causes behind this event contain – inheritance, ageing, maternity, and any previous surgery. In this essay, I would like to give you a few of the essential tips which you should be aware of before getting tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty isn’t Conventional Liposuction

It’s to be borne in mind that tummy tuck differs from the conventional liposuction. In liposuction, extra fat is carved-out. Abdominoplasty is a far complex surgical technique that includes tightening of muscles as well as removal of excessive fat. Muscles that have become loose stitched and are pulled together to bring about tighter stomach and a leaner. Patients who’ve comparatively tight muscles might not want full-fledged abdominoplasty. For them liposuction will do.

Abdominoplasty doesn’t suit all

One other significant fact about tummy tuck is that it’s unsuitable for everybody. Patients who have not gained fat and haven’t had kids yet considerably don’t qualify for abdominoplasty that is accurate. Liposuction is going to be an improved choice in the event the individual ‘s underlying muscles are business and accurate. Those who are bodily healthful, who possess a steady weight and don’t smoke, are great candidates for tummy tuck.

Restoration May be Drawn-out

Restoration from tummy tuck may be drawn-out. You might want weeks to recuperate from your surgery. So you recuperate nicely depending on the healing strategy, appropriate attention has to be followed according to the surgeon’s guidance. Through the first 7-10 days following the surgery, there will likely be bruising and swelling. The tubes inserted right following the surgery is going to be taken out combined with the stitches. After having several weeks, your bodily action will slowly grow; yet you WOn’t be permitted to do strenuous tasks. The bruising and swelling will additionally ebb. After having several months, you’ll not be unable to see the fruits of your toil. The sense is going to not be a lot worse and your incision line will slowly disappear. In due course, you are going to begin loving a stretched and clipped abdomen.

Words of Warning

Remember that after your tummy tuck, you operate the chance unless you’re prepared to modify your previous life-style of regaining your old contour. You are required to follow along with a workout routine and strict dietary habits. Before you’ve had kids for woman patients, it’s exceedingly strongly advised to await tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty, although an effective measure to trim your pot-belly down, isn’t free from post-operative hazards. Complications may appear in instances that are sporadic and your plastic surgeon must tell you in regards to the potential outcomes ahead of time in addition to mitigation strategy.

Limits of Abdominoplasty

Don’t mistake tummy tuck to be a replacement for weight reduction. Additionally it is no option for workout program. The procedure will also not have the ability to get rid of stretch marks (as an outcome of previous pregnancy) completely.

The goal of my post was to provide you with a heads up on tummy tuck. Your plastic surgeon will take a place that is far greater to describe you in more details and direct you efficiently so you could get your tummy that is clipped back.

An Abdominoplasty Scar Is Inevitable After Surgery

Abdominoplasty-6The individual must face scar that is abdominoplasty after getting the tummy tuck. The surgery like tummy tuck can also be recognized as TT, which means the tummy tuck surgery. The primary goal of abdominoplasty surgery will be to get rid of the extra number of fat and abdominal skin, which mounts large as a result of body condition like age, pregnancy and obesity.

The abdominoplasty scar, which seems after the tummy tuck surgery, is extended in savage and dimension in look. Different variables are not unaccountable for dimensions and span of the scar that is abdominoplasty. These variables are the extra skin that is removed patient’s own body endurance, through abdominoplasty processes to recuperate; form and the surgery abilities of the tummy tuck techniques. The variables like close kind scar place and injury additionally make the scar that is abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is a surgery where incisions causes various types of scars on your body. Accordingly, usually, scars and the tummy tuck are companies of every other. Some types of tummy tuck leave long-lasting scars on your body out. However, by following surgeon advice and some safeguards, the individual can eradicate abdominoplasty scars that are such.

After tummy tuck, the lifting scars that are crimson and somewhat takes 1 to 24 months to get the first skin color. The stamina of the individual affects the ultimate scar on the human anatomy to heal as opposed to bruising.

Among the simple and efficient methods for enhancing healing would be to record across the scar and abscond it through the entire procedure of healing for some length. The continuous pushing of the tape on the scar gets the scar that is abdominoplasty to compress and reduce outside. Additionally, successful massage of the scar is not unhelpful to treat the scars. The therapy like microdermabrasion helps to remove scars.

To remove the abdominoplasty scar that is very old, the therapy like scar revision is a good option. In this remedy, there exists the resuturing of the tissues in levels that are in several. The sutures, which are beneath of the epidermis put the scarring which are of railway type off. The strips of adhesive that was dermabond and steri are positioned on the incisions to fasten the lesion and protect it.

It is unnecessary to eradicate sutures which are underneath of the epidermis as they are easily able to soften within 6 months. The expense of the scar revision that is abdominoplasty changes on the duration of its intricacy that is fixing and scars.

Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty – Selecting The Most Suitable Technique

Excess weight can be difficult to get rid of, especially as you continue to grow older. The body can deposit fat in certain parts of the body, it can sometimes seem impossible to get rid of it. The abdomen is a common area of the body where fat deposits can easily accumulate, giving you a protruding tummy. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty may be the best solution to get rid of the sagging tummy and make it flat and firm.

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About the procedure

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is used to get rid of excess skin and fat in the tummy and strengthen weak abdominal muscles. You can develop a protruding, loose stomach due to pregnancy, loss of weight, aging, or because of a previous surgery. You can also end up with a sagging stomach due to your genes. A tummy tuck therefore helps to flatten your stomach and make it firm and well-toned.

Who should get a tummy tuck?

The procedure is suitable for both women and men who are in good health, and for women that have undergone multiple pregnancies. Anyone who was previously obese and has lost a large amount of weight will also find the procedure useful. Women who are planning for future pregnancies should consider postponing the surgery because the technique will tighten your vertical muscles which end up getting separated again during pregnancy.

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli Tummy Tuck Diagram

Standard abdominoplasty

In a standard abdominoplasty, the surgeon makes a cut from one hipbone across to the other. The cut is made on the lower abdomen and the tissue, skin and muscles are shaped as required. A new position is then made for the navel.

Mini abdominoplasty

A mini abdominoplasty is best if the unwanted fat is below the belly button. It is also suitable if you require more muscle repair than skin removal. A short incision is usually made below the belly button and the excess fat is removed. Tightening of the abdominal muscles is done, the skin is pulled down and the cut is stitched up. Usually, your belly button will not be moved when this technique is used.

Body lift

Tummy Tuck Procedure PhotoDuring a body lift, also known as belt lipectomy, excess skin, tissue and fat is removed from the waistline, the hips and the back. The width of tissue or belt that is to be removed will depend on how much extra fat and skin you have. After unwanted skin, fat and tissue is removed from the belt area, the remaining tissue and skin on the upper part is stretched downwards, while the remaining tissue and skin on the lower part is pulled upwards. The results will affect the stomach, waistline, back, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Extended abdominoplasty

An extended abdominoplasty is done if the excess fat and skin is around the abdomen and back. A 180 degree cut is made across the waistline and excess skin and fat is removed. The muscles are tightened and a new opening for the belly button is made.

Abdominoplasty: All What You Need To Know About The Procedure

image_3Are all your efforts at reclaiming your pre-baby tummy leading nowhere? Are you just fed up with those tiring daily sit ups which are not doing your abdomen any good in terms of size and shape? Are those stretch marks bothering you?

Although a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty might appear like a rather drastic step, it could be your best solution, especially when conducted by surgeons certified by the Australian Medical Council and fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

What Causes Abdomen Stretching?

Usually, your abdomen gets stretched by either a baby inside or your intra-abdominal contents, usually fat. Once the abdomen stretch is eliminated surgically, how far the retraction goes to its former state will be dependent on several factors. These will include genetics, position of remaining muscles, exercise and tone.

Another important factor will be the fat amount between your muscle and skin and the structural integrity of your skin.

What Does the Surgical Procedure Entail?

Similar to any surgical procedure, for a tummy tuck to realize the best outcomes, it has to address a number of surgical components. To address only a single component without taking into consideration the others may end up giving you sub-optimal outcomes.

A comprehensive tummy tuck entails:-

  • Shifting your six-pack or rectus muscles back into your midline
  • Surgically removing excess fat through liposuction
  • Removing your stretch marks and excessive skin in the lower abdomen
  • Replacing/shifting your umbilicus into a more normal position

Which Technique is the Best One for You?

Two main techniques are commonly used. Though using the same approach, the main differences occur in the skin and fat excision pattern, and the direction in which the tension is placed during the final wound closure.

  1. The Pitanguy procedure gets rid of more fat and skin in your midline than closer to your waist. Mostly, the surgeon closes the wound in a top to bottom style.
  2. The Lockwood method eliminates a more evenly distributed amount of fat and skin across your abdomen width and closes up with tension going from the waist in the direction of your midline.

What will establish the best technique for you will be your fat distribution, and to some degree your personal preference.

When is the Ideal Time for Abdominoplasty, Sydney?

Closeup photo of a caucasian woman's abdomen marked with lines for abdominal cosmetic surgery

If another pregnancy is part of your future plans – better wait! This is because your repaired abdominal muscle won’t cope with the stretching that comes with another baby.

The most ideal tummy tuck time is after a period of weight stability, say after about a year. The results will be better when the surgery is done when you are closest to your desired or ideal weight. The results will last longer and of course the happier you are likely to be!


Studies have shown that the more advanced training your surgeon has received, higher are the odds of a having a very satisfying surgical outcome. You can achieve this by searching for the online Board Certified Australian Plastic Surgeon LipoSite to verify their credentials.

Additional recommendations would be to check with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who normally maintain updated records of certified surgeons in Australia.