Breast Reduction

There are many large breasted women in the world, women who have a naturally large bust and suffer the consequences of it. Health problems, such as, back pain and labored breathing. Large breasts at times can cause just as many self-esteem issues as small breasts, with people continually in search of perfection and proportion.

The surgery is performed under anaesthetic and the surgeon makes small incisions on the lower section of the breasts, and once the excess fat and skin has been removed, the nipples will also be replaced in a position that suits the new shape of the breasts and compliments the procedure allowing the patient to feel completely confident in their new smaller bust. Cheap codeine and co-dydramol in the UK from

There are several different techniques when it comes to breast reduction surgery, techniques that vary with the placement of incisions, some using horizontal stokes while others work on a similar preface to liposuction.

Breast reductions can also be a method of reducing the patient’s risk of developing breast cancer. Although it is not a strict preventative measure, the cancer risk is just calculated on the level of breast tissue that is left remaining.

Breast reduction surgery is a serious procedure that required anaesthesia and so there is a risk of suffering an adverse reaction to the medication you are given.

There are also problems that might call for post surgery, issues such as infection or internal bleeding which can be extremely painful and require surgery to repair. Another much rare complication could be a partial or complete loss of blood, which results in the loss of one or both nipples.

More common side effects, which may disappear over time, include swelling, bruising and loss or increased sensitivity in the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery, however, is a relatively safe and effective form of cosmetic surgery and comes with a success rate of around 85-95%.

The cost of breast reduction surgery depends greatly on the level of tissue being removed, both the amounts of excess fat and tissue. The average price of the procedure costs between $5,000 and $7,000, although some doctors may be willing to offer slight discounts should you advise them you are willing to let your before and after photos to be displayed and used as part of their advertising campaigns.

The standard length of time for breast reduction surgery is anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, although there are small tubes inserted to allow blood or excess fluid to drain out. There usually remain in place for about 48 hours after the surgery has finished.